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Mindstep screens your brain’s health through some fun, little tasks.



Our clinically-rigorous AI weighs up all aspects of your brain's health.


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We serve you up a personalised plan - take steps towards better brain care.

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Cold hard science

“40% of dementia is preventable by targeting modifiable risk factors.”

The Lancet

Preliminary validation study of the Mindset4Dementia application: assessing remote collection of dementia risk factors and cognitive performance

Raphael Rifkin-Zybutz, Hamzah Selim, Monika Johal, Narayan Kuleindiren, Itai Palmon, Aaron Lin, Yizhou Yu, Mohammad Mahmud

Validated to pick up signs & risk factors:

Mild cognitive impairment

is linked to a 2x increased risk of dementia

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Diet & exercise

metabolic factors are linked to a 1.5-1.6x increase in risk

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Mental health

depression is linked to a 1.9x increase of dementia

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Head injury

concussion is linked to a 1.5x increased risk of dementia

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Effective clinical care

Mindstep's cognitive care is built in-house by a team of neurologists, psychiatrists, and medics.

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